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Where Evil Follows "Portable Darkness"

Image of Where Evil Follows "Portable Darkness"


Underground legend/guitar genius Toby Knapp (Onward, Waxen) unveils his latest diabolical creation: WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS and their debut album, “Portable Darkness”. In contrast to Knapp’s latest Waxen album, which indulges his blackest metal tendencies, WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS returns the six-string sorcerer to his '80s speed metal roots. However, “Portable Darkness” is far more than some trendy "retro" retread, as Knapp takes these winding-yet-headbanging anthems down far darker and more potently evil paths, turbo-charged with no small amount of power metal. In many ways, the album is the sinister counterpart to Onward, Knapp's most celebrated band. Set on those paths and see WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS....-Moribund Records Press Release/2015