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Toby Knapp "Blizzard Archer"

Image of Toby Knapp "Blizzard Archer"


"Technical Progressive / Neoclassical / Shred Rock & Roll / Heavy Metal!"

"Blizzard Archer" is former Onward guitarist Toby Knapp's 7th full length solo album and showcases Knapp's penchant for incendiary guitar soloing within a framework of traditional Heavy Metal compositions. "Blizzard" contains over thirty minutes of non-stop aggression and melody that pays homage to guitarists such as George Lynch, John Norum, Akira Takasaki, Jimmy Page, Malmsteen and Blackmore. Mastered by renowned producer Brett Hansen (BB King, Tony Fredianelli, Onward, Unleashed, Moonspell, Autopsy, Shrapnel Rec., Century Media) Released on the Moribund Rockers label Feb 8th. 2019!

"A remarkable album that awakens pleasant memories of all those guitar records that we listened to (and still listen to) with our mouths open. A surplus of imagination and talent"- ROCK HARD MAGAZINE/ GREECE

"There are seemingly no limits to his shred. Blizzard Archer is like one endless guitar solo that you actually don’t mind. The fact that Knapp continues to churn out quality releases without the benefit of a proper backing band speaks largely to his abilities"- DEAD RHETORIC MAGAZINE

"The true mark of a great album is the ability to have every song grab you from the beginning to the end and have it stick in your head all day and Blizzard Archer does that"- THE DIRTY ROOM MAGAZINE

"Any instrumental, traditional metal enthusiast will be thrilled to add Knapp's seventh solo release, "Blizzard Archer", to their collection. The Metal Maestro has prevailed"- Metal

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