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Waxen "Blasphemer In Celestial Courts" pre-order

Image of Waxen "Blasphemer In Celestial Courts" pre-order


“Blasphemer in Celestial Courts”, Waxen’s 5th album and 4th release under Moribund, is loaded with traditional black metal riffing that turns into thrash metal shredding, then sways towards a neo-classical heavy metal solo or segments of brutal death metal tremolo. Toby Knapp’s innovative and eclectic style and talent for writing real songs certainly surpasses that of other shredders!
“Blasphemer…” is a comprehensive tome surrounding Toby Knapp’s personal experiences in hermetic ceremonial magic. While lyrically and visually the theme is prevalent, experiences of this shredding blasphemer are also ingrained within the composition. Listeners enter a ceremonial chamber filled with the essence of thrash and traditional heavy metal, saunter down the dark corridors of black metal towards the astral plane where Waxen casts an invocation upon the celestial courts! - Moribund Records press release- ships in Nov. 2019

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