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WAXEN - "Terror Decree" pre-order

Image of WAXEN - "Terror Decree" pre-order


This album is IN STOCK!
"Knapp now returns with his 4th Waxen album and ultimate masterpiece “Terror Decree”, once again
raising the stakes for musicianship in rock, metal & black metal! An album that is as dark and grim as
anything by Sargeist or Leviathan while simultaneously showcasing his epic, melodic guitar soloing!"-MORIBUND RECORDS PRESS RELEASE
Track Listing:
1. Denier
2. Wir Kampfen
3. Terror Decree
4. Ionized
5. Arc of Abomination
6. I Pass Away
7. Tyrant of Armageddon
8. Conflagration Elite
AFFLIKTOR “Blade from the West” MCD Bonus Track (Toby Knapp side band):
9. Enter 731
10. To See The Light
11. Blade From The West
12. Fortress Of Zhongma