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WAXEN - "Terror Decree" pre-order

Image of WAXEN - "Terror Decree" pre-order


This album is being manufactured NOW and available soon!
"Knapp now returns with his 4th Waxen album and ultimate masterpiece “Terror Decree”, once again
raising the stakes for musicianship in rock, metal & black metal! An album that is as dark and grim as
anything by Sargeist or Leviathan while simultaneously showcasing his epic, melodic guitar soloing!"-MORIBUND RECORDS PRESS RELEASE
Track Listing:
1. Denier
2. Wir Kampfen
3. Terror Decree
4. Ionized
5. Arc of Abomination
6. I Pass Away
7. Tyrant of Armageddon
8. Conflagration Elite
AFFLIKTOR “Blade from the West” MCD Bonus Track (Toby Knapp side band):
9. Enter 731
10. To See The Light
11. Blade From The West
12. Fortress Of Zhongma